When is the right time to carry out a Business Readiness Assessment?

Is it when you have already decided to transform, have set up the programme of work, put the project team in place, begun the design and build and then thought about bringing in a Change Manager, because you are deploying in six months and you need to get everyone ready…………???

What about taking a different approach and do it BEFORE you start down the road of transforming?

Look at your business and the people within it and ask the questions about Readiness?

If the assessment shows the business is not ready and any changes will have a detrimental effect (if not managed correctly) start to look at the mitigations you need to do immediately, before you have invested in the transformation, invest in your people. Do the coaching and resistance management up front, increase the percentage of people in your organisation who see change as a good thing.

This will pay off because it will mean a workforce who is totally supportive of the changes and who will work with you to implement them, be happy to do it with a positive mind set.