How important is correct spelling and grammar?

Well as a professional Communicator I would say it is vitally important, otherwise how do you get your message across without any misunderstandings.

So if you are doing a professional piece of copywriting then it is expected that you present it with the right spelling and grammar and you will probably ask us to do it for you anyway.

But, what about when you are on social media selling yourself or your business, is it OK to forget about spelling and grammar and I’m not talking about the occasional fat thumb?

You know, I’m going to say no, it isn’t OK.  If you want someone to take you seriously, or invest, then you should be literate. 

For instance, if your LinkedIn profile says you’re a “whizz kid at marketing other peoples business’s” then you’re probably not going to get much of a take up…

Just spend an extra minute to proofread before posting and if you’re not sure about the grammar put it through Word and the red and blue lines will help you spot mistakes and give guidance on correcting them.

You might win more business!