Shared Services.

Improve and streamline your change management process.

Why implement Shared Services?

Do you face these problems or challenges?
  • Disparate and poorly integrated systems
  • Low productivity
  • Poor staff retention
  • Customer dissatisfaction
  • Lack of profitability

Leadership connection

  • Enable two-way communication from the leaders in the boardroom to the Firstline Workforce
  • Improve and streamline the change management process
  • Align people around a purpose and goals by breaking down barriers between leadership and the organization
  • Communicate consistently about a company’s mission, values, and strategic initiatives. Broadcast company meetings to spark moments of high engagement
  • Sustain engagement in a forum for ongoing dialogue, where people can ask questions and where leadership can clarify vision, strategy, objectives, and culture
  • Understand your organization’s own best practices to create change

Communities of interest or practice

  • Communicates at scale to keep people informed and involved
  • Support internal communicators to create community around project or other corporate initiatives.
  • Listen and collect customer feedback and engage customers in external groups
  • Foster conversations that support learning and development, for new employees in the context of work and process
  • Create a channel for field reps to talk with internal product teams
  • Organize around common interests to share information, ideas, and best practices

Engage Firstline Workers

  • Support workers who are the first to engage customers
  • Streamline new employee onboarding to speed up learning and development
  • Empower flexible workstyles and remote workers
  • Give employees in your Firstline Workforce the ability to provide feedback and escalate issues
  • Improve HR connections and communication with Firstline Workers